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Posted by on Aug 28, 2014 in Boating Lifestyle, Carousel Feature, Center Console, Outboard Engines, Powerboating, Video | 8 comments

Triple Yamaha F300s Blow Past 70mph

Could 900 horsepower and 70-plus mph speeds convert diehard sailors to power?

There’s a healthy amount of tasteful teasing that goes on between staff members who love to sail, and those who’d rather burn fossils to get where they’re going (and actually get there in time for happy hour).

That tasteful teasing is primarily between senior editor Lenny Rudow, managing editor Carol Cronin, and her husband Paul Cronin, the videographer. Carol is an Olympic sailor and Paul is an avid windsurfer and sailor. Lenny is an award-winning fishing and powerboating writer. You do the math.

Triple Yamaha F300 outboards in blastoff mode.

Triple Yamaha F300 outboards in blastoff mode.

When some friendly sail-versus-power banter went back and forth at a recent meeting, it made me wonder: What would be the best way to bring our sailors over to the dark side? Take them out on a fast, maneuverable, Downeast cruiser? Or maybe blast across a lake in a fast pontoon boat?

Nah, I’d take them out on a Cobia 344 CC with triple Yamaha F300 engines and blow right past the 70 mph mark. And I just happened to have this video to serve as an effective appetizer for a main course of horsepower.

So sit back, relax, and listen to the engine music. FYI I’m blaming any video shakiness on the fact that at 70 mph, the wind will rip just about anything out of your hands, or off your body. About 15 or 20 seconds after I filmed this, the wind caught my jacket and pulled all but the very end of one sleeve right off of me.

Whaddya say, Carol, how about a powerboat ride?


  1. Gary, didn’t I hear that you once lived on a sailboat? So you can definitely appreciate that raw speed will never be a substitute for peace and quiet. That said, this does look rather cool…

  2. Ahem, err, yes, I sure did live on a couple of sailboats back in the day. But one had an outboard – does that increase my powerboat street credentials?

  3. Ah yes, speed by pushing throttles. How about a race? We start in San Francisco and end up in Hawaii? We each start with full tank of fuel, I will only use 3 gal for the 2200 miles. An you can fill up your onboard tanks.
    Pink slips anyone?

  4. But racing to the fishing site, well that is a different consideration. Either way we both have a great time on our chosen craft. One of the many wonderful things about our passions of being on the water.

    Nice Post Gary

  5. I choose the Boeing 757 as my race craft.

  6. Ahem: VROOOOOOOMM!!!

  7. Gary, I think you will still use more than Paul’s 3 gallons of gas getting to Hawaii by 757…

  8. I would, but he said I could fill up my onboard tanks.

    I love the smell of jet fuel in the morning.