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Posted by on Aug 15, 2014 in Fishing, US, Video |

Got Bait? Episode 1, Part 1: Flounder Ecology

Meet the Got Bait? crew, then learn about flounder.

In Part 1 of Got Bait? The Hunt for Flounder, after meeting the crew we examine the life cycle of this unusual fish. You’ll learn how and why it grows to have both eyes on the same side of its head, where and when flounder spawn, and how this affects you as an angler.

And alongside the serious stuff, Part 1 also includes a not-to-be-missed scene: the minnow trick. According to most viewers, this is the best part.

Read more about the show, and watch all three parts: Got Bait? The Hunt for Flounder

Got Bait? The Hunt for Flounder