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Posted by on Jul 28, 2014 in Manic Mondays, US | 0 comments

Manic Monday Video: Seaglider Kite-Fly-Surf

Is it a bird, or a plane, or a guy suspended between water and air?

The gang at Waterlust call it “sky sailing,” which is as good a term as any for this combination of foiling, kite-surfing, and just plain flying. There’s a foil, though sometimes it looks like it’s just along for the ride. There’s a kite, which is mostly out of sight over our heads. And then suspended in the middle, there’s this classic surfer dude, Damien Leroy, on a Seaglider. Regardless of whether you can figure out what he’s doing or how he’s defying gravity, it’s a fun start to the work week. sky sailing video by Waterlust

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