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Posted by on Jul 21, 2014 in Carousel Feature, News and Events, Personal Watercraft | 1 comment

Spark Recall: BRP Sends Letter to Owners

At the height of summer, a letter is being sent to owners specifying the details of a voluntary Spark recall.

The new Sea-Doo Spark PWC model has proven quite popular with consumers, won a NMMA Innovation Award, and most dealers almost sold out of the price-conscious craft by early July. But a number of the innovative PWC’s now face a voluntary recall at the height of the summer riding season.

sea doo spark recall

The Sea-Doo Spark recall recently announced is the first hitch in what has been an otherwise smashing success for BRP.

According to BRP, the issue concerns the steering column/handlebar assembly on some craft, which the company says may have been incorrectly manufactured by a BRP supplier and may potentially break under “rough riding conditions.” According to the company release, “this could cause the operator to lose his balance and hit the personal watercraft resulting in serious injuries or even death.” Spark owners are urged to call an authorized BRP Sea-Doo watercraft dealer with their VIN numbers to see if they own an affected model, and if so, to make an appointment to have the craft repaired at no charge. A quick poll of dealers revealed that some are urging customers not to use their craft until the recall repairs are complete. For their part, BRP notes in the recall letter that as customers are now aware of the safety recall details, if they continue to operate their craft they do so at their own risk. This is the first true recall for the first-year Spark. In late April, BRP notified some owners of a faulty clip on the port side access cover, which could break if removed or installed incorrectly. Along with the notification BRP sent a replacement cover free of charge, making the fix a simple do-it-yourself for owners.

1 Comment

  1. It is not just the steering. We took ours to a dealer and between our two jet skis we have FIVE recalls! 3 on my husbands and 2 on mine.

    The next one is a harness issue in the engine that could cause a fire!!!!

    Luckily our dealer was on the ball and found the other recalls before we even got the letters.

    As it is each dealer is only given three steering replacement kits so many Spark riders are going to be grounded for the summer or as some are saying will ride anyway at their own risk and all the others they are on the water with!

    Thinking Kawasaki, Honda or Yamaha next summer!