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Posted by on May 13, 2014 in Boating Lifestyle, Carousel Feature |

Ouzo: Drink Like a Greek

Ouzo is a popular Greek alcoholic beverage, but non-Greeks have a lot of misconceptions about how and when to consume it. Here's some insider knowledge.

Now you may not think that ouzo has much to do with boats, or that there’s much to understand about the Greek anise-flavored liquor. A shot is a shot, right?

Writer Lynda Morris Childress disagrees. 

First of all, she explains, ouzo should never be consumed as a shot. At least not if you want to drink it like the Greeks do.

Ouzo and mezedes onboard Stressbuster

Ouzo is always served with small plates of food, called mezedes. Photo: Lynda Morris Childress

Lynda and her Greek husband, Kostas Ghiokas, own a charter business in Greece, and run crewed charters on their yacht, Stressbuster. “On every charter,” Lynda explains, “nearly everyone wants to try ouzo, and I end up giving a mini-seminar on it—how it’s made (from grape skins and stems, and then distilled/aged like fine wine); how not to drink it (you wouldn’t believe how many guests try to do ouzo “shooters”); the proper way to drink it (always with mezedes [the Greek version of tapas], usually in late afternoon, always diluted with ice or water).

“Most definitions of ouzo call it an apertif, but nowhere in Greece is it drunk as a before-dinner cocktail; neither is it an after-dinner drink like sambuca or cognac.”

Find out when and how ouzo is consumed by reading the full article, How to Drink Ouzo Like a Greek on YachtWorldCharters. Lynda also clues us in on the differences between various bottled ouzos: which are best, and which to avoid “at all costs.”