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Posted by on May 28, 2014 in Do It Yourself, Top Picks, US | 4 comments

5 Steps to Easy Boat Maintenance

Boats need constant attention. Here are five tips for easy boat maintenance that will keep yours in top condition.

We’ve been posting stories on since 2000, and with almost 10,000 posts to date there’s a lot of great stuff in the archives. Chris Caswell’s ideas for easy boat maintenance is a perfect example. The web has evolved a lot in 14 years, but taking care of your boat hasn’t changed all that much, so his great information still applies.

Here’s a sampling of 5 ideas from the post.

how to shine up your boat's gelcoat with a power buffer

Waxing the hull? Do the chrome too.

  1. Don’t ever try to take anything apart aboard your boat unless you have a service manual for it.
  2. Check the oil whenever you use the engine. If the oil level is low, top it up immediately. Don’t try to remember to do it when you return, because you’ll always forget.
  3. When you wax the hull, don’t forget to do the chrome, too. A good coat of wax can prevent pitting and will help remove the salt and dirt as well.
  4. Improper tire inflation is the primary cause of trailer tire wear. If the tire wears on the outer edges, it’s under-inflated. If it wears in the center, it’s over-inflated.
  5. It’s almost impossible to prevent tiny tears in seat cushions and other vinyl products, but the repair is fairly easy. Be sure to make the repair as soon a possible, since small tears rapidly become large ones.

There is much, much more in the original story—25 suggestions in all. So be sure to read the full post for more detail.


  1. When it comes to applying wax to a boat, do it by hand only. You can use your fancy electric polisher to apply the color restorer, but wax must be applied by hand. No way around it boys and girls. That fancy electric polisher takes all or most of your expensive carnuba wax( Stops UV rays) back off again. Applying by hand leaves the wax on your vessel not the lambs wool pad. Darn it there is just no other way to do it right. Your wax job looks better longer because the wax is on the surface of your boat as intended.

  2. Hi Arthur – I’d agree you might have a point if someone leaned in, and applied too much pressure. But IMHO (especially with liquid wax as opposed to paste), there’s nothing wrong with gently using a simple, inexpensive buffer like the one showing in the picture.

  3. I would like to know who is correct here, When I run my hand along the outside of my hull, I will get like a white dust off the paint onto my hand, I think it’s oxidation but not sure. How do I get it clean and what does one put on to get it to stop ? Thank you for any info. NICK