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Posted by on Mar 11, 2014 in Top Picks, US |

Videos: Top Traffic Getters for Last Week

Of all the videos we've published in the past year, How Tos definitely draw the most views.


In this video, Chris at Norfolk Marine showed us how to drain down a small carbureted outboard.

We’ve published a lot of videos so far this year, including some new How Tos. And apparently that’s what you like to watch, because of all that we’ve produced in the past twelve months (First Looks, Video Boat Reviews, and How To), the instructional ones dominated the top five list of traffic getters last week. Here are the stories where these popular videos show up:

Not on this list is Basic Troubleshooting When Your Outboard Won’t Start. Hopefully that’s a sign that your engine is still running… even after such a long cold winter.

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