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Posted by on Jan 11, 2014 in Boats We Love |

Boats We Love: Cold Weather Dreaming

Join me for a little shameless boat gawking.

In case you just emerged from under a rock, were in a submarine deep beneath the ocean waves, or have recently returned from outer space, let me bring you up to date on the current weather here in the eastern U.S. The word is cold—real face-freezing cold—, which has forced even the most hardy of us to stay indoors, wondering why we didn’t accept that invite to Key West Race Week after all.

And when forced to abandon boating, I end up dreaming of boats. Big, little, affordable, totally out of my league… it hardly matters. Photos and video of boats streaming through blue ocean waves get me through the coldest season of the year.

So here are a few of the boats that have crossed my desk recently. I’m not in love with any of these, at least not yet… but at least they’re keeping me warm.


Grand Soleil is starting the new year under new ownership, and this photo makes me want to climb on board.

CRN Jade tender bay

I don’t really need J’ade, the big yacht… I’d settle for the tender, tucked away in its own drive-in water garage.


Wooden boats attract my eye, especially when they're in great shape and have classic lines, like this 1939 Trumpy. She's for sale on YachtWorld:

Wooden boats always make me smile, especially when they’re in great shape and have classic lines, like this 1939 Trumpy Washingtonian.

Last but not least, I’ll leave you with a quick video of the Pearl 75. I’m not sure I have enough friends to fill up all the seating space, so let me know if you want to join me.