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Posted by on Jul 7, 2012 in Engines, News and Events, Powerboating, UK, US |

Suzuki Outboards: More News for 2012

A tiller with a tach, a limited-edition 60, and a full stable of 250 horsepower models.

Some more tidbits from last week’s Suzuki Marine meeting that didn’t make my first report, Suzuki Unveils New Outboard Models:

A Tiller with a Tach

A new multi-function tiller handle for Suzuki DF60A, DF70A, DF90A and DF115A outboard motors features a digital display that provides engine operating information and a tachometer function. The display, an industry first on the tiller, includes a three-digit tachometer plus Check Engine, Overheat, and Low Oil Pressure warning lights.

Suzuki's new multi-function tiller with tachometer display.

Suzuki's new multi-function tiller with tachometer display.

The display’s checked background draws the eye and visually sets the panel apart from the handle. It’s not a very large display, but it’s intended to be used mostly at trolling speeds, as the tiller handle also has a dedicated rocker switch for Suzuki Troll Mode, which advances or slows engine speed in 50-rpm increments, up to 1200 rpm. Troll Mode, combined with the digital tachometer display, allows an angler to note exact rpm and precisely duplicate trolling speeds. Other features of this new tiller include throttle friction adjustment, a power trim-and-tilt switch located at the end of the throttle grip, and a rounded grip on the shift lever. The angle of the handle can be adjusted to one of three positions.

The limited-edition DF60A, shown with an ivory-white finish.

The limited-edition DF60A, shown with an ivory-white finish.

Commemorating Innovation

Suzuki Marine is justifiably proud of the fact that since 1987 it has earned six coveted National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Innovation Awards for its engine technology advances, more than any other brand of outboard motor. Its most recent award came this year for the Suzuki Selective Rotation feature on its DF300AP, which can be switched electronically to select standard or counter propeller rotation. To commemorate each of the Innovation Awards, in typically modest Japanese fashion,  the company is introducing a special limited edition DF60A outboard motor with an ivory white finish, available in limited quantities and only for a limited time. So hurry to a dealer if you want one.

Suzuki's 3.6-liter V6 DF250 is now just one of three 250-hp. models in the line.

Suzuki's 3.6-liter V6 DF250 is now just one of three 250-hp. models in the line.

250 x 3

With the introduction of its new 4.0-liter DF250AP outboard model, Suzuki will have three outboards in its line rated at 250 hp. The 3.6-liter V6 DF250 model will remain available as a lower-priced alternative, with traditional cable throttle and shift controls and fewer bells and whistles. Which does not make the 3.6 250 a slouch – this is a still a motor equipped with variable valve timing and a dual-tract intake. The DF250 has an MSRP of $22,875, while the DF250AP starts at $24,750, not including its required digital control and harness. The third 250 in the Suzuki line is the bass-centric DF250SS, which has the 4.0-liter powerhead on a 20-inch shaft with a 2.08:1 gear ratio. Unlike the other 4.0-liter Suzuki models, the 250SS is not offered with a digital control, because most bass rigs have a foot throttle that requires a cable.

For more information on these engines, visit Suzuki Marine. For my post on the range of Suzuki’s new offerings, which includes a short video, see Suzuki Unveils New Outboard Models.

- Charles Plueddeman