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Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in Marine Electronics, News and Events, US |

Save your Truck – Get the Towing Capacities App!

If you’ve ever wondered whether truck A can pull boat B, this app is for you.

They say there’s an app for everything, and if you’re about to tow a boat, the new Towing Capacities App from is one you’ll appreciate. How many times have you wondered if truck A could tow boat B? Yeah, that’s what we thought – and this app eliminates the guess-work.

The new Towing Capacities App from, for Android.

The new Towing Capacities App from, for Android.

The searchable Towing Capacities App (for Android smart-phones) has the capacity of every domestic and imported pickup truck and SUV sold in the United States, from 2005 to 2012. Download it onto your phone, dial it in, and in a heartbeat you’ll know for sure if your vehicle and handle the load. To use the app you first select the year, make, model, and trim/options level of the vehicle. Another screen allows you to choose from the different engine and transmission configurations, and then the towing capacity for the vehicle pops up.

Tell the app your truck mako, model, year, and other info, and its towing capacity appears on-screen.

Tell the app your truck's make, model, year, and other info, and its towing capacity appears on-screen.

“Users will love how fast and easily the app works, and how it can help them find the perfect tow vehicle,” said Brett Becker, editor and publisher of “What’s more, if they’re shopping for a new trailer or RV, the Towing Capacities App is great for finding out how much your current vehicle can tow. It’s an incredibly valuable tool.”

Several years ago I had a new boat delivered at a public parking lot about two miles from the ramp, and I had no idea if my truck had enough capacity to finish the job or not. The distance was short enough, however, that I figured it would be no problem. Long story short: if I’d had the $1.99 Towing App, it would have saved me a $2,100 transmission.

More worried about hitches, trailer choices, truck maintenance, and on-the-road towing guidelines? Spend some time perusing I checked it out for the first time after discovering the Towing Capacity App, and found it was chock-full of good towing and tow equipment info. And always remember, if you’re unsure about your truck’s capacity, don’t risk it—your transmission will thank you!

-Lenny Rudow