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Posted by on Jun 18, 2012 in Sailboat Racing, UK, US |

Dorade Update: 120 miles to go

Following Dorade on her way to Bermuda? Here is her latest position.

According to the Yellow Brick Race Tracker, Dorade was making 8.4 knots toward Bermuda at 8 am Monday morning. She is the easterly most boat of her class.

Dorade is east of the fleet, making good time toward Bermuda. The red line shows the shortest distance to the finish from the start in Bermuda.

Dorade is the white hull east of the fleet, and she's making good time toward Bermuda. The red line shows the race rhumbline, the shortest distance from the start in Newport to the finish.

In other race news, Rambler broke the course record with an elapsed time of just over 39.5 hours, an average speed of 16 knots.

Stay tuned for more updates! You can also follow Dorade on the Yellow Brick Race Tracker, which is updated every half hour. And for more general race news, visit the Bermuda Race website.

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