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Posted by on Mar 29, 2012 in Boat Equipment, Marine Electronics, News and Events, Safety and Seamanship, UK |

AquaLens and HydroView Offer Views of the Underwater World

AquaBotix offers two viewing systems, one self-contained and one that works on the end of a boat pole.

So you think you might have damaged the prop on your inboard engine when you hit that floating log at 18 knots? But it’s April and you would rather avoid an early spring swim as water temperatures are hovering in the mid 50s? Well, a product we discovered at the recent Miami International Boat Show might interest you.

The AquaLens can be mounted on the end of a boat pole.

The AquaLens can be mounted on the end of a boat hook.

The AquaLens is an easy-to-use, portable underwater viewing system with live video feed and LED lights, says Dawn Doraz, vice president of marketing for Aquabotix Technology of Fall River, Mass. “You can mount the camera to any boat pole and position the AquaLens from on deck — then watch live video of the underwater world on the AquaLens LCD screen,” she says. Click here for some YouTube video footage.

Pretty cool, right? The product, which carries a price of $475, collapses to take up minimal storage space. It weighs 3 pounds with a diameter of 5 inches. The 640 x 480 pixel camera has a 3.5-inch LCD screen. It requires eight AA batteries. There’s an optional charger for rechargable batteries. Operating voltage is from 9.6 to 12 volts (DC).

“At Aquabotix we try to bring innovative products that allow people to experience what is underwater in new and exciting ways,” says Doraz.  “The AquaLens gives you the view of the underwater world without having to put on a snorkel and goggles and jump in there.”

The creation of Aquabotix Technology was sparked by a sailor friend of company president Durval Tavares who “couldn’t sleep at night because he was constantly worrying if his anchor was set correctly,” says Doraz. The sailor, George Dechambeau, who cruises with his wife Sara, says “it would be wise for any [boater], contemplating new horizons, to take advantage of the Aquabotix’s technology and the products it provides.”

The AquaLens is available now. The company’s other product that we saw at the show is the Aquabotix HydroView, a remote-operated underwater vehicle — yes, a vehicle — that beams the same live high-def video back to the surface. Controlled with an iPad, smartphone, or laptop, the product retails for $3,995.

The $3,995 HydroView is a remote-controlled underwater vehicle capable of moving at five knots.

The $3,995 HydroView is a remote-controlled underwater vehicle capable of moving at five knots.

“The HydroView sends live video feed to the iPad,” says Doraz. “A simple tilt of the iPad to the left drives the HydroView to the left, a turn right drives it to the right, and a tilt down drives it down.”

The HydroView is 19 inches long and weighs 8 pounds. It moves forward at up to 5 knots and 1 knot in reverse. A hovering control is optional.

For more information, visit AquaBotix.