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Posted by on Oct 5, 2010 in News and Events, Personal Watercraft, US | 16 comments

Last Year for Jet Ski 800 SX-R

Kawasaki will discontinue the classic stand-up jet ski in 2012.

In breaking news from the Kawasaki dealer meeting this morning, the company announced that the 2011 model year will be the last for its single-passenger, stand-up Jet Ski 800 SX-R. Kawasaki will note the last year of production with a special edition “Commemorating 37 Years of Jet Ski.” Finished in Jet White and Ebony with a bright red handle pole and graphics, the 2011 800 SX-R will also feature a commemorative “37 Years” logo on the handle pole. The 800 SX-R is mechanically the same as the 2010 model. No price was announced.

This 2011 special commemorative edition 800SX-R model will be the last stand-up Jet Ski from Kawasaki.

This 2011 special commemorative edition 800SX-R model will be the last stand-up Jet Ski from Kawasaki.

Tightening federal emissions regulations led to the demise of the stand-up Jet Ski, as its carbureted two-stroke engine produces 90 percent more exhaust emissions than a late-model four-stroke engine. In past seasons Kawasaki and Yamaha were allowed to average the emissions of these engines with those of their models powered by four-stroke engines, which account for 95 percent of PWC sales. A new emissions law put a hard cap on two-stroke emissions, which can not be met by the engines used in the 800 SX-R and the SuperJet. Old-style two-stroke outboards left the market in 2010, but the stand-up PWC got a two-year dispensation from the EPA that ends on Jan. 1, 2012. In most markets, dealers will be able to sell stand-up models after January 1 if they were delivered before that date.

A commemorative logo is placed on the handle pole.

A commemorative logo is placed on the handle pole.

Kawasaki built a few prototypes of the stand-up watercraft, which was designed with the input of inventor Clayton Jacobson II, in 1972 and 1973, and considers 1974 to be its first year of real production. Kawasaki worked tirelessly to promote its new product through racing, waterfront stunt teams, and appearances on television and in movies. It’s not unfair to say that it was the promotional effort of Kawasaki that really got the sport off the ground.

Here’s a link to a vintage Kawasaki promotional film for the early Jet Ski

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  1. God help us. A peace of American history axed for some BS government regulations. Our freedoms are fading fast and this control is being disguised with words like “regulations.” Its good to see that our politicians still have the resources to dedicate to BS like this while the whole country is going down the tubes.

  2. it really is unfortunate and sad. but truth be told us “stand up riders” really only make up for a few of the many. it will be a sad day for me on 1/1/12. but then again, it will only be a few moths till the end of the world anyway…lol……

  3. Very sad. I learnt to ski on a JS300 many years ago. Still use stand up craft now, more exciting than a sit down.
    Very sad there is no interest in the stand up market. If so Kawasaki and others would invest in a four stroke stand up. We are obviously too lazy to stand for any period of time. Shame

  4. i have been waiting for the last 4 years for the new 4 stroke. thats why i haven’t up graded my 2 SXR;s
    because they have been so good i haven’t needed to , they haven’t changed since 04
    how many other people like me ,are there out there.
    why don’t they bring out a race only model. with out warranty, like there motoX bikes
    i would still buy it so i can kick some Hydro Butt

    Hydro space were $22.000 in Australia in 06 they still sold them , if its cost they are worried about.

  5. Great comments here…for me, the real difference between the stand-up and the sit-down PWC is that the stand-up required some athletic ability, and some real dedication to learn to ride it well. And because it wasn’t easy, it remained entertaining for quite a while. Maybe nobody has the time to learn to ride a stand-up any more. A sit-down…well, you sit down and you go. How about some of the other fun PWC from the past? The hardest fall I ever took in the water was off a Jet Ski X-2. And the most fun I’ve ever had might have been on a Yamaha WaveBlaster.

  6. It’s not a lack of interest. It’s the EPA that drove the manufactures to produce big clunky four strokes witch in turn killed off all the fun skis like Blasters and x-2s. They where only allowed to produce one two stroke craft because of EPA averaging. So they canned all the two strokes accept the Stand up. Given the choice, I truly believe most would chose a smaller, Sportier wave blaster or x-2 like craft to cruise on and a stand up to play on over one expensive large boat. Those all need a small light motor though. So they aren’t allowed. Don’t loose heart. There is a solution. I and others are working to keep this sport alive. Be patient. Check out this forum. More to come by the end of summer.

  7. I just visited my local kawi dealer and saw the new 800 SXR on display. I brought in my 06 800 and 00 750 SXI pro. For sEason tune ups and
    Checkup. Since the 750 has been a trailer queen might as well get the last of the standup. He told me they sold 12 so far this year and how disappointed they are that Kawasaki doesnt have a replacement and the loss in revenues they have not having a group of standups to
    Sell anymore.

    The markets not dead Kawasaki sells all they produce. Sure not every dealer is the same some sell none but where in at standups have Always had their place.

    I’m 37 and bought my first new standup in 1988. If this is Truely the end it is a sad sad day. Let’s not forget kawasaki did the same thing in 01/02 and after one year of no standups they release the amazing 800sxr !

    My hope Kawasaki improves the 800 “don’t know how” and puts a 4 stroke in and release the rumored 1100 SXR . There were some spy shots released a few months back. One can only hope

  8. Also any Midwest riders near lake M , wi or il . Always looking for fellow riders.

  9. The stand-up has met it’s demise because, it is a difficult thing to ride, therefore fat, obese, distgusting lazy americans (who are becoming the majority) cannot easily do it and would rather sit down on a huge PWC that can support the weight of the fat rider and their fat kids on the back. If you look at the progression of the PWC, the sit-downs have gotten continually larger whereas the stand-ups have remained mostly the same size and weight. I remember a day when two fit guys could pick up a sit-down and carry it anywhere. Now it would take 4 linebacker to budge it. Also the population has grown exponentially and there are too many americans with 19 kids out riding their toys pumping smog into the air killing it for everyone. Thanks a lot fat greedy americans, we are own demise.

  10. Very sad. I still ride my ’87 JS550 and ’91 JS440 my mom and dad ride sit downs because they cant handle the stand ups. I agree the reason stand ups are so fun is the dedication and time it takes to learn them along with the feeling that your also pushing your body to its limits not just your engine.

  11. Well great to see that there is alot of passion out there for the stand up. I have been riding since the days of the 440s and 550s. I have seen the sport go thru alot of changes some for good and some for the worst. The murder of the sport class, small sitdowns and all 2 strokes among the worst changes. Now the question is what will Kawasaki and Yamaha do now that the good old 2 stroke motor is no longer going to be used. Will we be seeing a SuperJet and SXR with a 4 strokes? I really hope so. The big two can put out a 4 stroke ski without much work….. like today. The real question is will the big two stand by us and give us a new era or just let the good old stand up days die. Would hate to see what happen in the ATV world happen to stand ups. That would be tragic.

  12. I really hope they come out with a 4stroke standup! When I first got my sit-down, I was bored after 10minutes…couldn’t WAIT to get a stand up, now with the 2-stroke ban at my local lakes, I dont really want to shell out the ca$h just to have something I cant use here in 18mo….
    i would PAY for a 4stroke standup!!!!

  13. In response to what sergio said. Sorry bro it already happened remember atc’s. Long live the stand ups.

  14. I am devistated…I started riding a 440 when I was 7 years old. Today I race a Kawaski sxr. What will this do to racing? Kawaski…needs to come out with a 4 stroke like the hydro but with the same hull as the 800. Please Kawasaki please.

  15. I have been riding stand ups for 26 years. Although I like waverunners, I LOVE standups and have a built sxr & built superjet. ALthough I live in the rainy northwest I think about riding all year and sometimes spend time staring at my pimped skiis. Government has taken another freedom pandering to the squeels of tree hugging far left activists. Whats next? Do we all need smart cars, which look really STUPiD! Maybe they sould make a smart ski! What will be taken next America?

  16. I was hooked from the beginning in the early 80′s on a kaw 440 at a party. As soon as I got out of college I bought a kaw 650 and then all my friends got one. We had a blast in the ocean at Ocean City MD. In 98 I got the BLUE Suprjet. Finding time to ride it has become less and less with the kids but I still have the passion and want to keep that passion alive so after a long search I found a 2011 800 SXR at a dealer in Altoona Pa. I spent a small fortune but I now should be set for a while. Can’t wait to see my 3 boy’s ride it when they get older. Total cost after purchase and registration $9500. Crazy. Looks like my Blue SuperJet will be up for sale soon. (Still in great shape)

    A four stroke stand up will be a sit down ski with out the seat. Way to $$$, heavy and not nimble like the 2 stroke. Get a 2 stroke while you can.