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Posted by on Sep 16, 2009 in Runabouts, Safety and Seamanship, UK, US |

Video: Why Your Kill Switch Matters

And a close-up view of why intercepting a runaway might give you second thoughts.

Nobody at the helm

Nobody at the helm

Fortunately nobody got hurt this time.This video speaks for itself pretty well unless you don’t know what the kill switch is on your powerboat. It’s the kinky lanyard, one end of which clips in to the ignition and makes it possible to run your engine. The other end hooks to your belt so if you fall overboard, it stops the engine.

Thanks to “Big Bad Boat” for alerting us to this video. I encourage you to read “the Dude’s” thoughts on the topic and some more background on this incident at his performance powerboat blog, where you can also find a steady stream of enthusiasm and tips for anyone who likes fast boats.

—John Burnham