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Safe Navigation & New Styling in Wetsuits

Some days boats can actually fly, and on other days, super heroes might go fly a kite.

My friends in our European office sent me a couple of their favorite photos of the week, including one of the best “gone aground” photos I’ve seen in a long time. I was glad to see this sailboat was built with a strong keel!

High and dry

High and dry

I also think it’s a very good thing the crew managed to get their fenders deployed to avoid scratching the topsides. (Click here or on the photo to get the rest of the story.)

Plus, wouldn’t you know, they sent along a photo of none other than our hero, Spiderman, kitesurfing among a pack of conventional boardheads. I have to admit, he looks pretty comfortable with a web of wires connecting him to the sky.

Below is  what Jo, who knows more about kitesailing than I do, wrote to me today:

Spiderman leads the charge.

Spiderman leads the charge.

Kitesailing is pretty cool, but it is really cool when you dress up as a superhero. Here we find Spiderman rolling with his posse. There is a whole new language around kitesurfing and the many tricks an accomplished kitesurfer can perform…here’s a site where you can check out some of the moves and what they’re called.  In fact, these guys could be performing a move called a Spiderman, or even a Superman. Apparently both are some kind of tantrum. For the hungry kitesurfer there’s always a Roast Beef and, for a slimline option, the Chicken Salad or the spicier Mexican Roll. I’m just guessing, but maybe you should steer clear of the move called the Stalefish.

Let’s just hope these guys are in time to rescue the unfortunate ‘Knight Star’ whose skipper admitted to an ‘embarrassing misjudgement’ in parking his boat off (or rather on!) the French coast!

Thanks, Jo and Diego. I always thought I might take up kitesurfing someday, and now that I know who else is out there, I might feel safe enough to give it a try.

—John Burnham



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