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Posted by on Jun 3, 2009 in News and Events, UK, US |

Upgrade at…the Portal with More Boats, More Stories

Here's the first step in a makeover for the website.

OK, I admit that after a career in sailing magazines, I’m a relative newcomer to the Internet-only marine websites, and now that I’ve been aboard at for a few months, I realize how much more there is to know. But it’s been clear to me since Day One that has done a good job of hiding a great deal of what it has to offer…not only does it feature roughly 150,000 boats for sale, but it also has nearly 7,000 articles! From boat reviews, to how-to’s, to destination stories, you can find all sorts of great stories at, but until now, they were presented very modestly.

Thanks to our UK team, led by David Main and Bryony Piper, and our Vancouver team, led by Sam Christy and Tejinder Jheeta, we’ve launched a major upgrade in our presentation of all those articles, both those gathered on this site over the last 10 years and those launched in the last few weeks. I’m really happy with the progress we’ve made and hope you’ll agree that they’ve done a great job to this point!

A partial view of the new features page

A partial view of the new features page

At our editorial landing page (“Resources” in the nav bar), you’ll find a gallery of  photos representing our most current stories and you’ll also find recaps of of my latest blogs. You can also click on links to follow me or the official “Boatsdotcom” voice from Twitter.

Here's a portion of a recent Malibu vRide story.

Here's a portion of a recent Malibu vRide story.

Click on any one of the stories and you’ll find much bigger photos than previously. Plus, you can easily share the stories with friends on Facebook or other social media sites just by clicking on the appropriate icons.

This is just the beginning of our effort to turn into the best portal to find out about every sort of boating stuff. I feel as if we’re running in a powerful boat with three engines on the back, and in recent months, we’ve cleaned the bottom, prepped the hull and put on a new coat of primer; now we’ve begun tuning the engines. As we test out our work, gliding onto a plane in our revitalized craft, let’s see what kind of acceleration we can get. Join us for the ride, and tell us what you’d like to see next.

—John Burnham