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Posted by on Mar 18, 2009 in Boating Law, US |

Pressing the Anchoring Amendment in Florida

The proposed Florida law that would restrict anchoring rights reaches a critical juncture.

The cruising sailboat Flirt, at anchor near Miami Beach

The cruising sailboat Flirt, at anchor near Miami Beach

The efforts of the Florida Open Water Society to maintain boaters’ anchoring rights by pushing for amendments to proposed Florida state legislation, HB1423, shifted last week as the bill moved to the first of four committees. In a recent update, FOWS president, Eric Dybing, offered good news and bad news. The sponsor of the bill, Representative Baxter Troutman, of Winter Haven, Florida, has conceded that the bill’s anchoring sections needed amendment prior to discussion, but the bill then went undiscussed in any committee and won’t be until Troutman brings it to the General Government Policy Council, of which he is the chair. That should be next Tuesday.

For those interested in offering an opinion, the office phone numbers of those on the Council are listed on the FOWS website. In the meantime, another bit of good news came in late today. Apparently Rep. Troutman has agreed to meet with FOWS VP, John Smith, early Tuesday afternoon, so phone calls to Troutman’s office before then are encouraged. 850-488-9465

—John Burnham